What Should I Blog About?

Now that you’ve learned how to start your blog, it’s critical to determine where you should focus. Once you focus (or niche-down) creating a successful blog becomes a lot easier. For convenience, I’ve included some examples of how you might initially focus your blog on a specific niche:


  • Make-up artistry. If you can beat faces (that’s slang for putting on make-up by the way), you can demonstrate your skills on your blog and build a following of aspiring make-up artists.
  • Product reviews. Everyone loves good hair or beauty products. If you’re a product junkie, consider starting a product review blog.
  • Nails. If you’re a fan of cute manicures and pedicures, starting a blog that focuses on nail art could be a focal point. With lots of photos, Pinterest could also be a significant traffic source.
  • Budget Blogging. Since couponing is such a popular activity nowadays, starting a blog that’s focused on affordable brands or deals could become very successful.