Starting a Beauty Blog? Follow These 5 Simple Steps

Starting a Beauty Blog? Follow These 5 Simple Steps

1. Purchase Hosting: Visit and click on “get started now.” As a new blogger, we recommend that you select the “Starter” hosting plan. To choose your hosting plan, click “Select.”

2. Pick Your Domain Name: Now, it’s time to pick your domain name (for example we chose Type the desired domain name in the “New Domain” box and click “Next” to check its availability. If the domain is already taken, you can either type in a new blog name or use one of the suggested names by the site.

3. Setup Bluehost Account: After selecting a unique domain name, the next step is to provide your “Account Information” and finalize the Bluehost account setup process. Select the desired web hosting package and other options. For beginners, I suggest using the “Basic 36 Month” package as it is the cheapest monthly fee. You can also choose the “24 Month” or “12 Month” packages as they have the same hosting offers. The rates, however, differ because of the time commitment.

I advise you to make use of their “Domain Privacy Protection” as it ensures that your personal information is kept private. I always avoid all the other ‘add-ons.’ Finally, provide your billing information. Click “Next” and your Bluehost account will be created!

4. Install WordPress: Next, login to your Bluehost account. Look on the top right of the Bluehost homepage and click “login”. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to install WordPress. This is the software used to power the blog. Click on “hosting” on the top left of the screenshot below and the “Install WordPress” link is under the section titled “Website Builders”.

Click on “Install WordPress,” and your blog setup will begin. Enter your website information, including your username, password, and blog title by clicking on “Show Advanced Options.” After you have entered all the required information, check the “Agree to Terms” box and then click “Install Now.”

It will take a few minutes for the WordPress installation to be complete. You will receive an email instantly after WordPress is installed containing your login information.

After the installation is complete, you can view your login information again by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking “View Credentials.”


Login to Your New Blog: Click the “admin URL” link in the email from Bluehost and login to your WordPress blog using your username and password. This will take you to the admin area of your blog. And just like that, your new blog is ready for action! Try it with your blog.

5. Choosing Your Theme: Your theme controls how your WordPress blog looks and feels. Select a theme that provides the design that you want for your blog. The theme that Curl Centric uses has two basic parts to it: its framework (structure) and the child theme (look and feel).

Framework: There are many different WordPress frameworks that are available. However, on almost every blog we create we use the Genesis Framework. The main reasons why Genesis is our first choice is due to the fact that StudioPress provides great support, it is well-optimized for search engines, and it loads quickly.

Child Theme: Once you have the Genesis Framework, you will then want to choose your child theme or blog design. There are numerous options. Be patient when searching for your theme and be sure to select a design that best suits your blogging purpose.

You are currently staring at a blank canvas, and it’s time to start painting. If you’re confused, I completely understand. That’s why we’re are going to completely break things down for you.

The first question to ask yourself is whether the theme has all of the features you need. Make a list of everything you need your theme to do so that you can refer to this when you are searching for themes.

Are third-party plugins supported by the theme? Most themes will be compatible with plugins; however, you should always make sure the theme compliments the plugins you are planning on using. For example, if you are planning on installing Woo Commerce, then you will want to select a theme that is designed to work well with this plugin specifically.

Premium or Free: Both paid and free options are offered by WordPress. You can get started with a free theme and then switch to a paid one without too many problems. For newbies, I recommend that you start with a free theme, then upgrade once you start making money. However, if you would like to go with a premium theme, just know that most themes aren’t that expensive. It is critical to make sure that the theme you chose gets updated on a regular basis whether it is premium or free.

Pricing Model: There are a couple of different kinds of premium themes. Some can be purchased with one payment that will include all updates and support. Others have recurring payments. With some theme designers, like StudioPress, you pay for a membership which provides you with access to multiple themes.

Customization Options: Usually themes are designed with at least some degree of customization in mind. It is important to consider the amount of control that you need for your blog. For some people, having only a few major options is best since they don’t have any design experience. Other people like to be able to do as much tweaking as possible.

Speed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The user experience that individuals get when interacting with your blog’s theme is very important. Make sure that you choose a theme that has high SEO standards and clean code. For the best results, it should look great and load fast.